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Selling gas turbine engine SGT400 Siemens
Selling gas turbine engine SGT400 Siemens - фото 1
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Selling gas turbine engine SGT400 Siemens

7 400 000 $/комплект
Условия поставки: EXW Белгород
Фиатов Геннадий
инженер консультант
,  Белгород, RU
на Флагма с 18 апреля 2015


Selling SGT400 Siemens gas turbine engine.
The SGT-400 offer includes a complete set (power turbine + transition channel + gas generator).
Availability - 3 sets available;
Operating hours - new, "0" hours;
Application - power plant;
Modification number - Power Generation: (ISO) 12.90 MW (e);
50 Hz;
Dual fuel, gas / diesel;
Year of release - 2017;
Inspection reports - attached in the documentation;
The service was carried out by Siemens. Currently under warranty;
All gas turbines are at the facility, under conservation.
All attachment systems are fully equipped. The gas turbines are ready to be put into operation.
Gasturbine in perfect condition. All Inspections were carried out on time and by Siemens specialists.
Gearbox is in perfect condition.
Dismantling, installation, start-up, adjustment - we will do everything by our company.
Please note that gas turbine engines with such a minimum operating time are very rare on the market. If you order from Siemens, the waiting period is at least 1.5 years and the price tag is more aggressive than ours.
We offer to conclude a contract for servicing SGT400 gas turbines.
We provide similar services for SGT400 gas turbine power plants all over the world.
We carry out overhaul and emergency repairs of SGT400 turbines.
We carry out Inspections of all levels of complexity.
We work according to the repair documentation of the manufacturer.
Works are performed on the basis of the Major Overhaul Manual.
Development of technical specifications
(Technical inquiry) based on repair documentation.
We carry out work on troubleshooting of gas turbine equipment.
Please contact our duty engineers and consultants for more detailed information on the configuration and cost.
The price has been formed. Logistics prepared. We will answer upon request.
Also, 2 second-hand SGT400 gas turbine engines with an operating time of 6000 hours are on sale. Perfect condition, complete set.
We sell gas turbines and provide services throughout the world.
Please contact by WhatsApp

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,  Белгород, RU
на Флагма с 18 апреля 2015

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